Technical Info
Nokia 221T Instructions to receive the download

1.Firstly, make sure your Nokia 2211 is switched on and connected to a mains aerial feed as per the user manual. 2.One of the unique features of the 2211 means that it does not matter which television or radio channel you are tuned to in order to perform a software update. 3.Press the Navi button on the remote control to display the Navibars user-interface. Scroll to the 'Settings' folder and then select the ‘SW update’ bookmark. Press select and enter the Access code. The default code (1234) is found on page 27 of the user manual. 4.Your 221T will now search for new software and display RECEIVER UPGRADE - Looking for a new software version. 5.After a few minutes the message displayed will say: An update of system software is available for download. Downloading will take a few minutes. During this time the screen will be black. Please do not switch off or disconnect the receiver during download. Press select to continue. 6.When the download is complete, the box will automatically go into and then out of standby. The first installation screen will then appear. 7.The System software download will take between 7 and 10 minutes to complete.

Technomate TM-5000DAPCI Setting Dish Limits & Satellite
Go to installation, use Left and Right arrows. You will then see the dish limit, click OK. Say Yes I want to delete. Then use the left and right arrows. It will start counting. Once you see the error message, take your finger off. Then repeat for West. Exit, go to auto-search, select the satellite you want with a high transponder, then go to move your dish until you see a signal quality of more than 50%. Then press OK to save. Then repeat for other satellites.