Windows Apps DownLoad

Just Some Of The Programs I Have written

CheckSum.exe Write Batch File Then Runs fciv.exe File Checksum Integrity Verifier In Hash algorithm: MD5 & SHA1
Disk_Benchmark.exe Write & Reads The Speed Of Your Hard Drive
Text.To.Speech.exe Just Add Text And Click On Speak
Bingo90.exe Game For 2 To 5 Players
My.Diary.exe Just Add Text And Save
Clock.exe Speaking Clock Every Fifteen Minutes
RomanDateTime.exe Roman Date & Roman Time
CryptTex.exe Just Add Password & Save Encrypted Text
Thunderball.exe Picks Random Numbers For UK Thunderball
USB Wash.exe Overwrite Deleted Files
Wash Disk Cipher.exe Overwrite Deleted Files Using Windows Cipher.exe
CooksTimer.exe A Cooks Timer
FormatFat32.exe Format Drive in Fat32
vat calculator.exe
90days.exe will give you today date +30days +60days +90days +120days +180days UK format only DD/MM/YYYY
SDeleteExecute.exe is a program to run sdelete.exe Deletes & Overwrite your file so it can not be recovered
PasswordGenerator.exe is a program that generate random password
Clock.exe Speaking Clock Every Five or Fifteen Minutes Or On The Hour Or click To Tell The Time
Word To Numbers.exe Turn words To Numbers
RobocopyExecute.exe Is A Prorgram That Call Robocopy And Copy All Contents Of A Folder To Another Folder
Calculate Foot-Pounds And Velocity Is A Prorgram That Calculate Foot Pounds And Velocity Of A Air Pellet