Windows Apps DownLoad

Just Some Of The Programs I Have written

CheckSum.exe Write Batch File Then Runs fciv.exe File Checksum Integrity Verifier In Hash algorithm: MD5 & SHA1
Disk_Benchmark.exe Write & Reads The Speed Of Your Hard Drive
Text.To.Speech.exe Just Add Text And Click On Speak
Bingo90.exe Game For 2 To 5 Players
My.Diary.exe Just Add Text And Save
Clock.exe Speaking Clock Every Fifteen Minutes
RomanDateTime.exe Roman Date & Roman Time
CryptTex.exe Just Add Password & Save Encrypted Text
Thunderball.exe Picks Random Numbers For UK Thunderball
USB Wash.exe Overwrite Deleted Files
Wash Disk Cipher.exe Overwrite Deleted Files Using Windows Cipher.exe
CooksTimer.exe A Cooks Timer
FormatFat32.exe Format Drive in Fat32
vat calculator.exe
90days.exe will give you today date +30days +60days +90days +120days +180days UK format only DD/MM/YYYY
SDeleteExecute.exe is a program to run sdelete.exe Deletes & Overwrite your file so it can not be recovered
PasswordGenerator.exe is a program that generate random password
Clock.exe Speaking Clock Every Five or Fifteen Minutes Or On The Hour Or click To Tell The Time